Cancellations Due to Weather—Bounce N Jump Weather Policy

Sometimes at Bounce N Jump Party Rentals we have to make the difficult decision to cancel scheduled deliveries because of inclement weather.  High winds, precipitation, thunderstorms, and cold temperatures pose hazards for the safe operation of our inflatables.

Delivery and Usage 

  1. In the event of heavy rain, Bounce N Jump will not deliver or install the units at event location.
  2. In the event of light rain with forecast for clearing skies, unit/s will be delivered and installed as requested. Units are NOT designed for use in any form of precipitation. Bounce N Jump further requires that precipitation must have stopped and units be dried (wiped down) before resuming operation.
  3. In the event of wind conditions exceeding 15 MPH, Bounce N Jump units may be installed but not inflated for use until the wind condition improves to less than 15 MPH.  If/when wind conditions rise in excess of 15MPH, units must be evacuated, blowers disabled, and units deflated until the wind conditions improve to within acceptable limits.
  4. In the event outdoor air temperatures register below 42 degrees, Bounce N Jump unit/s will not be delivered. If outdoor air temperature level drops below 42 degrees after unit installation, blowers must be disabled, units deflated, and operation postponed until air temperature warms above 42 degrees.

Severe Weather Cancellation

  1. In the event weather conditions are forecast as potentially severe, Bounce N Jump reserves the right to rain check or cancel the reservation.
  2. Customers shall have right of severe weather cancellation up to time units installation.  Upon installation of units, however, units shall be considered rented and subsequently non-refundable.
  3. This policy is limited to justifiable weather cancellations only and does not apply to any other reason for customer cancellation


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