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bounce house party rockland county

We are Hiring Part Time Drivers N Drivers Helpers

Bounce N J ump Party Rentals, an inflatable company in the Rockland County area is hiring Delivery Drivers/Driver Helpers for it’s up coming season. Responsibilities include driving a BOX truck , customer service, setting up and picking up bounce houses and water slides that can weigh up to 500lbs each. Must be punctual, have a strong work ethic, well manured, over 18, have a clean driving record, available to work Saturdays and some Sundays, able to handle delivering and picking up of any of our inflatables without direction or assistance.Hours will vary based on delivery times and numbers of deliveries. This is seasonal work. The end of the season typically is about Nov. 1st.This is a great part-time job on the weekends to make some extra money. Our starting rate for this position is $15.00/hour and based on your skill set and ability to learn our equipment, we will go up from there. Please call PHIL at (845) 634-1452 to setup an interview.

WIN a FREE Bounce House Rental Contest!

We at Bounce N Jump Party Rentals have decided to start a contest to WIN a FREE bounce house rental! Just text the word “BOUNCE” to 97000 for instructions on how to enter. Drawing will be held on 8/31/16 . Any other inquiries please call us @ 845-634-1452 or visit us at

Bounce N Jump Safety – Cleaning The Bounce Houses

To protect our bounce houses and our customers we clean our bounce house before and after each use with Odoban .

What is OdoBan®?

A Deodorizer… eliminates unpleasant odors on washable surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, bedding, showers, walls and floors while leaving a fresh scent.

A Sanitizer… kills 99.99% of germs such as †Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep), Escherichia coli 0157:H7 (E.coli)(pathogenic strain), Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and Klebsiella pneumoniae on hard, nonporous, nonfood contact surfaces in 60 seconds.

A Disinfectant… fungicidal against germs ‡such as Trichophyton mentagrophyte (the athlete’s foot fungus), when used on surfaces in areas such as locker rooms, dressing rooms, shower and bath areas and exercise facilities.

A Mildewstat… effectively controls and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

A Virucide*… kills *HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Influenza A/Hong Kong and Herpes Simplex type 2 in 60 seconds.

Featured Article about Bounce N Jump in Rockland NY Mom Blog

We were featured today on rockland counties premier mommy blog once again another GREAT review from another happy customer.  Thanks Again Ashley!
Check out the review here

New Mozal Tov Bounce House Banner

New Bounce House Banner now available at Bounce N Jump Party Rentals is a Mozal Tov banner . This banner has been requested from some of our customers of Jewish faith so we delivered as always. Book your next bouncy castle rental party or event with us you won’t be disappointed .

Rockland Bounce House Rentals

Another happy customer’s review

“We rented the Imperial Castle Bounce House Combo and could not have been MORE pleased! First, it looked brand new. It was beyond clean. Setup was quick and professional. They put a giant tarp down, staked that to the ground and then inflated the bounce house on top of that and secured it to the ground. It was a really windy day, and it never moved. The kids had a BLAST! It was occupied for 6 hours. Well worth the money. When they came to retrieve it, I understood why it looked so clean…because it wast. Before they deflated it, out came the cleaning supplies and it was wiped down from top to bottom and swept out. Watching it being packed away was nothing short of magic (seriously, it was HUGE and then two men folded it into this 6′ x 4′ rectangle). Not only would I recommend Bounce ‘N Jump to everyone, I would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks for the courteous and professional service!”

Kimberly Mcdonagh


Water Slide Rental in Rockland County

Check Out the latest addition to the Bounce N Jump Family The Big Kahuna Water slide. We dedliver to Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Counties.

Bounce N Jump Party Rentals Job Application

bounce house rental northern nj

New Bouncy Castle Rental in Northern NJ

Children need fun and with the plethora of bouncy castles, you may be confused to choose just the right type. You may want to hire a bounce and a combo to make the day more fun. To this end, the new Imperial castle 7 in 1 Bounce House Combo covers you. Imperial castle 7 is a new innovation that combines the bounce and the combo to give children more from one place. The new castle is fit for kids from age 2 to age 10 and offers them great safety.

bounce house rental northern nj

Features of the New Bouncy Castle

The great features of the new Imperial rental bounce castle makes it a choice for most individuals with kids. You can choose to rent either the wet or the dry unit depending on your taste and the age of the kids. The castle features a 12ft slide attached on its left hand side. The bouncing castle area measures 15m × 15m. This space is enough for bouncing and basketball hoop besides other activities that kids may come up with. With the great design of the Imperial castle 7 in 1 Bounce House Combo, we can add an art panel for free. Parents can choose the art panel from the plethora of panels to ensure the panel goes with their taste. Mickey Mouse art panel is the favorite of many kids and matches well with the Imperial castle 7 in 1. The art panel may be that of happy birthday too.The different color combinations gives the castle a party look that is charming to the kids.

Renting Imperial castle 7 in 1 Bounce House Combo

This is the perfect bouncy castle for kids living in Bergen County NJ. You can book now and have it delivered as you wish. Fees for the wet and the dry units differ, with the dry unit at $350 for a full day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and the wet unit at $400 for the same duration. Those living in Bergen County enjoy free delivery free setup. Deliveries to Westchester, Orange and other counties will cost $25 while setup remains free. The castle is cleaned with a safe green spray before setting and after setting to ensure safety for the kids. The inflatable castle requires a set up area of 26’L × 23’W × 15’H. Most of the individuals who have hired the Imperial castle 7 in 1 Bounce House Combo like its versatility and its safety. Birthdays are the most common celebrations where this castle comes handy. Other functions include kid graduation parties or when parents have a party and have invited individuals with their kids.

Suitability of the Imperial castle 7 in 1 Bounce House Combo

The bouncing castle is suitable for even the young kids and has been designed for safety. It is easy to set up and will be running within a few minutes after it has been delivered. Compared with other bouncing castles, this is cheaper as it combines slide, combo and bounce among other great features.

Bouncy Castle Party in Saddle River NJ

We had the pleasure of providing fun for the Kelly Party this weekend in Saddle River New Jersey. They had a Frozen Birthday Party theme for they’re daughters 10th birthday and the imperial bounce with slide was the perfect fit. Im glad we were able to accommodate you and see you guys next year.

Bouncy Castle House Party in Monsey NY

Just Finished Setting Up the Imperial Castle Combo Unit in Monsey NY for a 2 Year old birthday. The Bounce House was professionally set up and cleaned with child safe simple green spray before and after every use.  Check Out the video below to see what it looks like set up.

Sesame Street 7 in 1 for a 2 Year Old Birthday

Just Finished Setting Up the 7  in 1 Sesame Street Combo Unit in Chappequa NY for a 2 Year olds birthday. Check Out the video after completion.

Ninja Turtles Bounce House Birthday Party in Larchmont , NY

We were pleased to set up our 7 in 1 Bounce House for James 6th Birthday Party over the weekend in Larchmont , NY . Ninja Turtle power was in full effect this weekend as we provided the combo unit and the kids had a blast! Attached is a video of the Ninja Turtles combo unit.


Safety Is Our #1 Priority at Bounce N Jump Party Rentals

At Bounce N Jump Party Rentals we strive on safety. The proper set up of the unit is instrumental in the safe operation of the unit and can deter many operational issues if done properly. We make sure we follow the manufacturers recommendations.Safety is the most important factor here. Below is a checklist our operators insure before every rental.

bounce_house_safety                                    safety_bounce_house


1. Before we set out in the mornings, a check of the weather forecast for the day should be accomplished. Not a blip in the paper, or remembering what you heard on the news, but we check a service such as or and look at the Doppler radar to view the days weather. Although it may not be raining when we set up, if conditions
persist and it starts to rain, or wind speed increases beyond a safe level  the rental customer should remove the participants and shut down the equipment by turning off the blower(s) and removing the power source.

2.Thunderstorms with lightning are dangerous situations for
inflatables. It is important that we inform the customer that the  blower(s) is disconnected from the power source to prevent a lightning strike from
damaging the power source if it strikes the blower. We leave a tarp and ask the customer to place it over your unit and blower after it is deflated in case of rain.

3.When staking or anchoring the units we make sure we follow all of
the manufacturers recommendations. Units are engineered with specific loads/weights under consideration when they are designed.Our operators place and use anchors at every manufacturer required anchoring position at all times for both indoor and outdoor use. These anchors can be straight stakes,
screw stakes, ground weights and sand bag weights. Straight stakes to be used should be from 30 to 42 inches in length with a minimum of 75 percent of the length in the ground, which may vary, dependent on surface type for
the set up. The ends of the stakes should be clearly marked and covered to prevent a tripping or impalement hazard.

4. Our operators connect the blower(s) and making sure the extra blower
tube(s) is sealed, run the blowers power cord to the power source and check the plug end for damage before we plug it in.The power source should be a dedicated circuit for the blower and should be on a GFCI outlet. We leave a small loop approximately 1 1/2 feet at both the blower location and power source as a trip loop so that if the cord gets caught it does not immediately come disconnected. We use wide duct or similar tape to secure the cord to any walking surfaces to prevent a trip hazard.

5. Our operators perform a safety check prior to use by the participants which
allows us the opportunity to discover any potential problems with the unit that may exist or may occur during its use at an event.This check will assure us that you have left a safe unit, and assure the renter they are receiving a safe unit.

6. We do a quick and final check of the unit to insure full inflation and are ready to cover the safety and operating procedures with the rental customer. All areas including the roof support columns, pillars, steps and mattress. Any sagging areas may indicate a leak or crimp somewhere.

7. Our operators then instruct the renter and cover the operation and safety procedures of the unit. It is a better idea to have everyone who will be responsible for attending the unit to be there at that at this time.If not, try to have at least one other person who will understand the procedures as well. The renter may not always be in the area of the unit at all times. We make sure the renter knows it is their responsibility to share this info with any and all attendants. The customer is made aware that periodic checks of the unit
should be conducted. A safe and simple 2-3 minute walk around the area at least every 1/2 hour at minimum for small parties, and after every third cycle for larger events with a lot of through put. We instruct the renter to check the safety entrance, each stake/anchor point, and the blower and tubes.
Inform them that a loss of air, less bounce, partially collapsing tubes,
etc., anything that hampers the operation of the unit may indicate a failure of a seam, hole or rip, and the unit should be removed from use immediately.

8. The number and size of the occupants allowed varies from unit to another, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Participants should always be grouped together in accordance to their size. A group of 7-8 year olds
should not be mixed with 11-12 year olds. Teens and adults must never be in or on the unit together at any time. This includes parents who may want to
take their small children inside with them. Children under the age of 2 should not be allowed to participate. Their balance and motor skills are still
developing at this age. Risks such as suffocation, entanglement in netting and injury may occur.

9. One of the more important points we stress to our customers is a
object that may pose injury risks inside the unit, both to the participants and to the unit itself. If the unit fails while occupied then of course it affects the
participants. Renters must make sure that the following items are not taken into the units and a few reasons why . Shoes, Jewelry , Eyewear , Silly String , Food, and Markers should never be used inside or around unit.

10.  Each renter or customer must have a full understand that bounces are designed for jumping. Often participants may want to flip, do somersaults or cartwheels and similar acrobatics and these acrobatics may result in life threatening and or permanent injury. Most commonly head and neck
injuries. Wrestling and rough play is not allowed as well. The action of the unit can cause the participants to tumble or fall in a manner that will sustain an injury. When participants group together, more stress on the unit
is caused, and the mattress area comes closer to the hard ground. Mattress failure, seam failure and participant injury likelihood increases under these

11. We inform the renter that in case of an accident they need to
take action quickly. The participant should be removed from the unit if possible, and the unit deflated and is to remain deflated. Head and neck
injuries are traumatic and responders should handle the injured person only if they are trained for those injuries. If an injury is severe then medical attention
should be sought immediately. You are to be notified immediately.

12. Each unit is cleaned and sanitized after every use. We vacuum the inside and wipe down the bounce house with safe simple green solution . Each unit is also checked inside and out for damage to seams, stress
points, the entire mattress surface, and wall/column .

JC’S Birthday Bounce House Party in Valley Cottage NY

This past weekend we had the pleasure to add lots of fun and excitement to JC’S Birthday party in Valley Cottage , NY .  That asked for Mickey and we stepped up and provided them with new, clean unit for they’re gala. Watch Video of 7 and 1 bounce house slide combo with Mickey Mouse Art Panel attached.

Additional Art Panels Available!

These Art Panels can be added to the 15×15 Module Bounce or the 7 in 1 Bounce House Slide Combo Units. These weather proof vinyl art panels fir on the front of applicable bounce houses and provide each party with they’re own customized feature.

Castle Bounce House Communion Party in Nanuet NY

We were happy to be able to provide the Martinez family of Nanuet, NY with our Castle Bounce House for there daughters 1st Communion this past weekend.

New Food Concessions Added to Our Inventory

Summer just isn’t summer without Snow
Cones, Popcorn ,Cotton Candy and Hot Dogs. Add some COOL and delicious fun to your next birthday party or your event!
All machine rentals comes with 50 servings for your guests Plus you can order additional supplies to fit all your needs!

Coming Soon! Disney Princess 4 in 1 Combo Bounce House with Slide


We have just added This licensed Disney Princess 2 Combo C4 inflatable jumper to our collection of rentals. This inflatable injects the latest in fairytale fantasy to any event or Party. Each participant is welcomed by Ariel, Cinderella. Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White, dressed in their princess best! Visitors will engage in enchanting play inside this inflatable jumper with one of four activities, including a fantastic slide. This Disney Princess 2 Combo C4 inflatable jumper is a perfect fit for a princess birthday or any large event. This C4 bounce house combo offers up four different activities for endless hours of activity. Each bouncy house has a large interior jumping area and a basketball hoop for group interaction, and high-visibility mesh allows spectators to keep and eye on participants, The jumping castle comes with a climb to conquer with a fun and fast slide, entertainment for even the most active child!!